4000km on Bicycle...

It has been a year since I rode again and done 4120 km - just 880km too short from 5000km "SKT" [sasaran kayuhan tahunan].

Pencapaian SKT cuma 82% sahaja. Mungkin kerana faktor cuaca - terutamanya dalam masa tiga bulan pertama tahun 2009.

Last 12-month Cycling Distance from April 1st, 2008 to March 31st, 2009
March 2009: 124km
February 20009: 356km
January 2009 - NO cycling - busy testing cars
December 2008: 382km
November 2008: 454km
October 2008: 409km
September 2008: 393km
August 2008: 356km
July 2008: 424km
Jun 2008: 652km
May 2008: 318km
Apr 2008: 252km
Total : 4120km

myBikes and I are now TIRED

Bikes were tired BEFORE the trips, I'm tired AFTER the trips...