I feel like I'm reborn...

I'm a free person now. Oh... what a feeling!
Effective from Monday, Aug 22nd 2011 I'm a pensioner. I opted for earlier retirement actually. For now I'm basically a "not-so-old" pensioner so to speak - at least for the next four years before I  join my colleagues as  veterans!

I just want to celebrate life and spend more time with my family, on hobbies and do things I like most - while I'm still here. Don't want to think and talk about work anymore for time being or may be forever as long as I live. Life is too short. I'm going to pick up those pieces of life that I had left behind.

Yesterday was totally a different day for me. The day my life changed forever... It's also the time for me to pack up and go back to the realm I belong ...

Among others, I love nature photography and cycling.  I've just finished dusting off my Photographic Equipment and Bikes. Ready to go again - it's neither the final prints after clicking the shutter nor the ultimate destinations when I go cycling that I enjoy - plainly the fun is in the doing in real-time, not just the end results. It is the journey and the adventure that matter. 


Will see you all around, probably at usual spots for a cup of tea or something.

I'm just another adventurer, as always...