Putrajaya - Jenderam

Early in the morning we arrived at the 'basecamp' in a company van driven by one of my sons.


From the 'base camp' we continued on ATBikes...



First we passed through palm plantation, then an old mine being cleared up for some unknown purposes...


Finally we arrived at a relatively beautiful and clean lake... still unexplored by many. The perimeter trail around this lake is approx. 4km long.


the journey continued....


Desa Baginda

The early morning weather was good. I pushed off from my home around 7:00am to start the 32km adventure in 2hr 16min [clocked by my GPSr], alone...


...towards Desa Baginda hilly housing area near PERMATA.

These near completion housing project is located at one of the 'summits'


Along Sungai Langat - Sungai Buah

These 'candid' pics were shot by my son...at the new dawn of April 12th, 2008. Every year this day brings me memories!


theJOURNEY continues and these shot were taken using a P&S cam


myATBiking GPStracks around Kg Orang Asli and along the banks of Sungai Langat & Sungai Semenyih

Tmn Putra Perdana

A good place to practise cycling up and down slopes. Must get permission from the security to use the 10km track.


Typical track on the park.

Putrajaya Landmark

PM office as seen from the park

A new adventure had just began...

West Machang Tracks
There is a place around 5km to the NW of Machang town called Lalang Besar - an airbase during WW2. It is a natural vast flatland similar to savana in Africa with grassland and little shrubs - now converted to housing tamans and agric/farming lots.

tracking distance covered: approx 100km++
During tender age - bicycles were part of my life. I'm now considering to ride on a bicycle again after given it up when I had to move to a new school and stayed in the hostel since I was 15. Later on when I got into varsities [undergrad] my rides were motorcycles and scramblers. I has been more than a quarter century since the last time I ride on any of those two-wheeler.

Now I'm thinking of going back to cycling or biking again...