Buying My First Bike - for record purpose only

1 - Must know what I want - what I can afford.
In other words, I must decide how I want to ride at the price I'm willing to pay. Before anything else, the first thing I have to decide is how I want to ride. Not exclusively for road or mountain? Neither Morning commutes nor weekend getaways kinda bike.

Probably a hardtail mountain-bike similar to this one would be suitable for me to start with

There are different bikes for different types of riding. Finding the right bike for me started with choosing the riding category that best suits my style. It must be an All Terrain Bike [ATB] suitable for Cross Coutry [XC] and the combined weight including my own must not exceeding 80kg.

2 - Find a good dealer.
There's no better place to find the right bike than an authorised dealer. I shall pick a store where I feel comfortable and one that offers me options. Whenever I could not get the help I need, there's sure to be another dealer to serve me better.

3 - Check the specs. Choose a frame that's right for me.
About 70% of how a bike rides is determined by the frame. Because the material a frame's made of, how it's designed and how it's crafted impacts efficiency, comfort and handling. After the frame, the wheels, suspension and drive train components, in that order, have the most effect on how a bike rides and performs.

Once I decide what kind of bike I want, I find the model and size that fits me best at the price I'm willing to pay.

4 - Get fitted. Take a test ride.
The best way to get a feel for a bike is to spend some time in the saddle. Adjust the seat height and handlebars before I head out. It's a good idea to test ride on at least three bikes before deciding which one I want to take home.

I shall take a couple rides on my new bike, chances are I'll need to do a little more fine-tuning of the fit. If my knees hurt, I adjust the saddle height or placement. If my lower back hurts or my shoulders get tight, I shall adjust the reach to the handlebars. If I do not adjust the bike when it feels slightly off, my body will adjust instead and it could cause longer term problems.

5 -I must ask questions.
If there's anything I don't understand, I don't afraid to speak up.

6 - Buy what I like.
When I've done my homework, choosing the bike that's right for me is easy. Just go with the one that really makes me want to get out and ride, without going over my budget, and double check to ensure the bike I select is the right size and is properly adjusted to give me maximum performance and comfort.

May be a month or two later I shall eye for a full suspension machine

7 - Select the right accessories
The right accessories, along with right bike, make cycling safe and fun.
Ultimately, I will get something equivalent to this machine...

My latest  machine - Proton T-Bolt (ref. 280525)
my T-Bolt