Post Aidilfitri 50km Cycling

my hardtail bike with upgraded suspension and disk-brakes

Saturday October 11th - 50km Cycling
For the past six weeks - my routine and weekend-cycling trips were limited to short-range [below 30km/session]. Almost all cycling trips were done at night after tarawih and at dawn. No swimming and aerobic too within the same period.

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Only today I went out for a mid-range cycling trip [with Dr G] - about 50km covering SKV - Kg LManis - Medan Putra - Putrajaya Water Sport Complex and returned to SKV. At Putrajaya Water Sport Complex Dr G and I stopped for about 90 minutes [spent 60 minutes in the swimming pool - dah lama tak berenang].

Berbasikal kalini, walaupun hanya pada jarak sederhana tetapi banyak turun naik banggol dan bukit. Yang paling mencabar ialah semasa mendaki bukit Limau Manis - pada satu masa uncle.D terpaksa turun dari basikal kerana sprocket depan tak masuk gear satu- kabel yg kendur perlu di adjust nanti. Maklumlah dah lama tak guna gear serendah tu.

Cycling Details
Kicked off from my home @Lot5 at 6:59am. Cycled through Kg Teras Jernang, then south of Kg Sungai Merab near Tmn Casa Mekar before accending Bukit Limau Manis at snail climbing speed of 6km/hr before started to cycle at normal pace towards PICC . Overall moving average was 17.6km/hr.

Oleh kerana dah lama tak berbeskal jarak sederhana/jauh, tambahan pulak pergi berenang dalam masa yg sama, kedua2 peha uncle.D mengalami kekejangan setelah berbeskal sejauh 50km - hanya 800meter sahaja sebelum sampai 'digarisan penamat' [@Lot5] - belum pernah lagi mengalami sakit otot peha spt nih. According to Dr G, muscle peha mengalami dehydration. Beliau menasihatkan supaya uncle.D mengambil dehydration salt atau minum 100+. Thanks for the advice Doc - satu nasihat yg berguna walaupun dari seorang non-medical Doktor. Sampai diLot5, uncle.D mengambil masa hampir 4 jam untuk recover, termasuk taking good afternoon nap - before adjourned to the nearby kenduri kahwin.

Next long range [exceeding 80km] cycling will be a day trip to and fro Bagan Lalang or PD. Doh lamo bona den tak pekeno ikan bakar. Probably after clocking 5000km I will try an extra-long range cycling [exceeding 150km]... with the God will of course.

Pics at Putrajaya - with 3MP Camedia C350Z
my coach, Dr. G - in front of the Palace of Justice


Perbadanan Putrajaya

Putra Mosque

Wednesday - Friday - No Out-door Activity
It has been raining all afternoons throughout this week, except on Friday. All preplanned evening outdoor activites had been cancelled.

Selasa Syawal 7, 1429 - Nature Photography
Nature photography is not just a hobby but it could lead to a carrier in scientific research. To get good results the photographer must follow certain rules such as observing, studying and taking notes, just like reserchers do. Nature photography has been my interest for the past few years, practiced mainly during holidays and on weekend cycling trips.

ZD70~300mm f4/5.6 @ f8 300mm 1/250sec ISO400

Unfortunately the one-week off for me ends today and for the last few days it has been raining all afternoons despite of early sign of good sunny weather with clear blue skies in the morning. Not much photography opportunity actually.


It is necessary to convey to people the importance of protecting the environment. Nature photography and cycling play their role in this regard - permitting anyone to discover the beauty of the flora, fauna and the environments. My hopes this will lead to respect and the determination to do the utmost to preserve all form of life and environment.

Rambutan flowers - details are hardly seen with naked human eyes. Captured with ZD35mm f3.5 macro @ f11 1/180sec ISO200 on Olym E-500

Isnin Syawal 6, 1429
Uncle.D masih lagi bercuti harini dan besok. Cuaca pada pagini agak terang. Sambil "meraikan kehidupan", uncle.D menghirup udara segar dan nyaman dibelakang rumah yang terdapat bunga-bungaan yang beranika warna...



What a Wonderful World!