30km Cross-Country with a Pro

Kicked off on my Proton T-Bolt just after completing dawn prayers towards a friend's house nearby. His house is just a stone throw away from mine. He is my cycling coach. I call him Dr. G
We moved on to BB Bangi Sec 4 and Sec 4 extn  then crossed Langat River towards West Country. Proceed up slope by the side of Kajang Hill gc before disappeared beneath the canopy of Palm Trees.
After a few km of bone shaking endurance we emerged at the new Lekas h/w. Then re-entered into a rubber plantation and reappeared on route B18. Continued the adventure northwards till almost 9 am.
G is numero uno in cycling amongst my veteran office mates. He always look cool and humble. Thumbs Up for him...
Dr. G and his son. Like father like son...he..heee

Unfortunately my son could not accompany me today. Our final trail was the one leads toward Tmn University where we had a brief stop for tea.P5250013
Finally returned home safely. The abused bike is parked on the backyard patio awaits routine maintenance.

the Route

the Terrain Profile

May 25th, 2008 - 25km Cross Country
START at 6:30am around Surau al-Madani Sec 3 BBBangi
FINISH around 7:45~8:00am at PETRONAS BBB3

Charted Route
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May 24th 2008 - no serious cycling today, only a light spinning-around for a few km after spending 1hr aerobic session on nearby park.