Breaking 100km Barrier - Cycling to and fro MORIB

Sunday [1118th km]

The ATBike was fully maintained yesterday. Chain, cassette and derailleur were cleaned and lubricated. A new pair of light-alloy pedals were fitted as well. I'm now ready for today's "MORIB110km"

Hopefully the weather is going to be fine - better still if there are clouds in the sky by noon. I can't bare the scorching afternoon sun, that is my only "allergy" in cycling. This time I hope I can make it... and I must.

Left BB Bangi with Dr. G just after 0635hrs towards the beach of the morning calm. After 2hr 27m pedaling  at the avg. speed of 22.3km/hr we arrived at the beach, the odometer clocked 54.79km from the starting point. It shows the time was 0916hrs. We then moved on to Pantai Kelanang, about 7km northwards along coastal road.

At 1044hrs we started our 60km journey home under the scorching Sun. Fortunately about 45minutes later it was overcast with high cloud that was thin enough at times for the sun to be seen. We had to stop every 30minutes cycling [approx. 10km] to top up our body fluids though.

After 3hr 32min leaving Pantai Kelanang we stopped over for airtebu as well as the shelter from the rain. The sky was now completely overcast, the rain falling in torrents of an icy coldness. Each of us consumed 2 glasses of the sugarcane juice during the 40minutes pitstop.

Seeping airtebu at a roadside stall on the way back while looking for shelter during a heavy shower.

2"SNICKERS" bars,
2 glasses of airtebu,
2.5 liters of pure aqua,
1 can of Milo... and
1 pc of zoom lens [broken!]

Dr 'G' the ironman TRIATHLON...

Special thanks to my cycling coach, Dr. Mohd. Pauzi Ismail [I just call him Dr. G] - who has continuously coached me throughout the journey. C U on Monday Doc - at the usual table for the 10am tea...I'll buy u a cup or two of teh tarik, if u like...

Definitely no cycling today. The ATBike needs a complete maintenance after clocking 1001km. Before the new day begins, I looked out of windows and saw the setting moon. It was 15-day old with 92% remaining...looked dull and reddish already. Took the cam and shot handheld - I used the 'sunny 16-rule' for the manual exposure settings.

Early this morning I did another 1h 16m cycling [including stops at two places to fight against dogs] covering 26km, ticking the odometer to 986km.

Now, what I need is to pass through the first 1000th km psychological barrier. Expecting to complete the milage in the evenin'. In the final 1hr-lap I will pedal slowly, at 14km/h towards the unknown 1000th km milestone! Then on Saturday I'll take a rest and celebrate life. What am I going to do afterwards?

Meanwhile, in contrary to yesterday, today's [at midday] weather is fine with clear blue sky. Hope it stays that way till weekend. In the evening I set off towards nowhere, kept on cycling leisurely until I hit the final 14km to mark the 1000th km milestone.

As the sun was disappearing below the horizon I continued the final lap until the trip-meter indicated the preset distance of the 1000km milestone...

Azan Maghrib pun berkumandang..., aku teruskan perjalanan pulang sejauh 1 km dari sini dan tercatitlah pergatihanku telah menjangkau 1001km pada harini sebaik sahaja mentari terbenam. Semoga pada hari esok aku masih berpeluang untuk menyaksikan terbitnya mentari pagi yang terus menyinar sampai ke senja....

Thursday [960th km]
Woke up very early this morning to setup photographic gears for shooting the full moon at pre-dawn. The luck wasn't on my side though. There were thick clouds in the sky - the moon was hardly visible; biarlah bulan berbicara sendiri...

Instead of doing what had been planned, I shifted to shimanoGEAR cassette...


...and pushed off for 21km pre-dawn pedaling before the azan suboh berkumandang. Bergatih dipagi2 yg syahdu memberi satu kenikmatan dan kepuasan yang sukar diceritakan...

Based on the statistics I'm required to go cycling for less than 3hrs within the next two days in order to hit the first 1000km target before 'qualified' to go for the 110km cycling on Sunday 22nd. I only started to pedal since a couple of month ago - still a newbie indeed, but it is not the main issue - I only consider bike as one of the tools for my exploration/travel. Never even think of entering any competition in the future.

In the afternoon the sky became so heavily overcast followed by strong winds and thunderstorm.


The rain started to pour cats and dogs around 1600hrs. May not be possible for most outdoor activities ...other than driving car. Well, I love driving when it rains. It drizzled in the evening and completely stopped raining by 2100hrs. Took a little spin for 35minutes before calling off the day.

Wednesday [928th km]
It was almost fullmoon last nite - probably in Klang Valley and other major cities nobody cares. [even pungguks shy away these days] - except for some photographers; sometimes, somewhere...


It rained with thunderstorms at noon. Fortunately the weather was favorable in the evening - cool and cloudy. Left home at 1815hrs for a 25km spin around Sungai Ramal and its vicinity.

Tuesday [903th km]
The weather was fine and refreshing. Early morning temperature: 23deg C - probably due to the rain overnite. Unfortunately it was weekday otherwise I might have gone for another medium range cycling trip. Had to wait till the evening...

As usual I left home around half-past-six, but in this evenin' I carried along a dSLR  with a new super zoom lens of an EFL of 140~600mm [wrt 35mm std] to capture the sun before it set. Arrived at TTCempaka just on time after Teras Jernang detour. From now onwards those photography-gears are expected to negotiate steeper slopes to the new height...hopefully.


Monday [878th km]
One of my cars got ignition problem this morning - the engine cranked but could not be started - no spark at all. There must be something wrong with the ignition coil or the distributor or the electronic chip, or any combinations of those mentioned. Luckily the other [similar] car [which is "B.E.R" and kept for spare parts] had all those components intact. Before trouble shooting, I had to send my 3rd son to register his internship at MMU. The cars insurance and road tax needed to be renewed as well. So I had to take an emergency leave for the day.

It was raining later in the afternoon and remained cloudy till evening. Good lighting for outdoor photography though.

ZD 70~300mm f4~5.6 ED on Oly E-500

Gone with the old 3mp camera which I had been using since I started this blog a couple of months ago - already shelved. Since yesterday I started to shoot some pics with a 'prosumer' compact digicam and an entry-level dSLR. It is yr 2003 5mp-digicam and yr 2006 8mp-dSLR respectively. The results were not too bad - hope to improve later on...

Began this week cycling lightly on main and secondary roads . Met Dr. G at one of my sunset watching spots. We adjourned at 1925hrs. Thanks for your Hi-Pressure Pump, Dr. G.


[the latest pedaling routes are in RED - click the pic to enlarge image]