Health Problems

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday...
Home alone now, wife and daughter are still in Kelantan since July 3rd, taking care of a patient in critical condition due to a Serious Stroke - medical specialists said bleeding in the patient's brain is like this...

I myself, got a Common Flue and Fever since Monday morning after returning home from Kelantan. Probably virus and bacteria got into my body while I was at Hospital KB previously... only the God knows. For time being  no pedaling around, no jogging, no swimming, no outings, no dining... no nothing.

Saturday morning - felt a little bit stronger. May be on Sunday will go for a light pedaling around Putrajaya to keep the old motor running...

Saturday afternoon - almost recovered, only fatique here and there - some kind of an illness of the central nervous system. Able to drive to the nearest restaurant. First time jumpa nasi in 3 days.

Following the irregularities since the beginning of July, it looked like the weather was also unsettled lately - heavily overcast followed by rainfalls with thunderstorms in the afternoon. I have no choice but to stay at home and keep my bikes in the store for a while.

There were lots of house maintainance to be done as well while the regulars were away. I also took the apportunity to rearrange some of the rooms [as I liked] and converted them to different functions.

Main hall is now empty, thick curtains are removed to allow more natural light in and make it looks spacious. After all, it is not a gallery to display things...

This used to be family room, now I brought in dining table.  So, the 'new' dining room is logically placed next to the kitchen.

The original dining room is now converted to family/multimedia room.
 I hope my wife accepts the new arrangements when she returns...

One of the empty rooms upstairs was converted to my office.

July 13th, 2008 (Sunday)
Went out for a light pedaling around the heart of Putrajaya.

Very early in the morning, my son and I had already arrived by the lake at Putrajaya and started to pedal around before anybody else. Probably they were still sleeping or having breakfast or somethin'. I carried with me an old compact 5MP digicam to snap the following pics.

Thanks God I'm still alive to see another daylight...


I love the early morning calm...

... and the engineering masterpiece,

and of course lastly, but not least, my respect to the "architech" of Putrajaya, the TUN!

We ended by pedaling on the boulevard before returning home.