Putrajaya and Shah Alam

Went swimming at Precint 6 - Putrajaya Water Sport Complex. Arrived there at qtr pass 9. Hardly anybody arrived yet. Probably everybody had gone to the watersport event nearby.

Around 0805hrs [on the way to swimming] stopped over for a brief aerobic stretching at Precint 9 - Putrajaya Community Center

Went pedaling around Shah Alam with a small group of new friends... we pushed off around 0730hrs. I was the only one on 14kg -ATB, others on ultra-lite street bikes.

After pedalling I had breakfast only with Bok - while others were cycling back to where they had started. On the way home droped-by to visit a cousin at his home off Jalan Laksamana nearby. He is 2yrs younger . We used to stay together under one roof during childhood a few decades ago. He is recovering from triple heart bypass a couple of months ago.

The evening weather was good. Went out for a light 16 km pedaling along Langat River, then around BBB housing area and finally TT Cempaka before continued cycling home leisurely just before sunset.

As usual, I brought along a GPS for track-logging and a digi-camera to shoot whatever objects of interest that came across my way - birds, cows, water buffalows, wild flowers or just roadside garbage. I shot 'em all.

730-88062353a 730-88062354

The evening had come touching my memories, I could hear that yellow bird making its melody....

730-88062395 730-88062410
730-88062366 816-88062383