50km Cross Country Practice

I'm getting much better now. It has been for quite sometime I'm flying low and moving forwards in a very slow pace. Had to pick-up bit by bit by hoping not to mess around with all the activities too much. It looks like more things to do than could ever been done!

Sunday October 26th - 50km 'Cross Country' Weekend Cycling
The weather at sunrise was favourable. Lots of clouds in the sky but no indication of rainfall within the next 6-7 hrs.

Went out cycling on and off roads with Dr. G for around 50km. We kicked off at 7:10am from SKV towards UKM Oil Palm Plantation undulating terrain before emerging at Bangi Lama. Then moved on to Beranang via 3-m wide kampong road before cycling 8 km on Jalan Enam Kaki - which is now already upgraded to 4-meter wide. Returning back to SKV via Semenyih and Tmn Teknologi Kajang. Arrived home just after 10am.

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Tuesday October 21st - Off Season Fruits
The late afternoon rain prevails - dampening outdoor activities such as cycling, gardening or just strolling around.

After the rain had subsided I spent some time on rear balcony and observed some rambutan trees keep on bearing fruits. Not just twice but trice or four times already this year. Why aaah? - ada yang sedang berbunga...dan mula membesar. Ada yang baru nak masak, ada juga yang dah masak ranum. Buah durian dan duku tak pula berbuah sampai dua tiga kali setahun, tapi manggis berbuah juga dua kali dalam tahun ni.

Monday October 20th
It is very interesting to note that this week's daylight and night time for countries along the latitude of North 02deg 40min are about in the same proportion.

For instance, the sun rises at 6:56am and sets at 6:59pm today. And also, the moon rises around mid-night and sets at noon. The dates for the exact number of 12-hour of daylight and night time will be on Nov 11th and Jan 31st though.

Another 'hapening' today [Oct 20th, 2008] is that there is no moonrise time mentioned on GPS. The moon we see today actually rose YESTERDAY at 11:23pm, will set around noon and will rise again TOMORROW at 12:25AM.